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What is the difference between your weight on the scale and your fat percentage?

 31 December 2018 What is the difference between your weight on the scale and your fat percentage?             The weight figure appearing on the scale does not help us to reach any information about our fat percentage. A person who […]

The Importance of Sports for Health

 31 December 2018 It is very important to do sports for health protection and fitness. Although the term “doing sports” is sometimes referred to as entertainment and sometimes defense, doing sports is one of the activities that affect the body […]

Posture and Healthy Life

14 January 2019 The skeletal system is the most important structure of the human body. The proper stance of the skeletal system is called posture. As a medical term, posture means stance. Posture is the structural framework of your body. […]

How to Measure the Circumference of Muscles?

 July 29 2018 How to Measure the Circumference of Muscles? The circumference of our muscles provides us with a number of useful information to make our fitness or bodybuilding program efficient. Having information about the circumferences of our body muscles […]

Fast and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

 February 24, 2019 You want to lose weight quickly and you want to achieve it in a healthy way. But how? First of all, keep in mind that many experts say that losing weight gradually is the best way. We […]

Don’t be fooled by the body fat measurement tools!

 June 21 2018 Today, measuring devices reporting the body composition of people using bioelectric impedance method have become an indispensable equipment and application in fitness centers and dietitian clinics. The fact that the values provided by these devices are based on […]

Body Fat Percentage, Overweightness, and Obesity

 23 January 2019 The scientific term of body fat is “adipose tissue”. Adipose tissue serves many important functions. Its primary purpose is to store lipids, from which the body creates energy. Also, it excretes a number of important hormones and […]

Body Composition Values – Total Body Water -1

July 15, 2019 On average, 60% of an adult human body consists of water (between 50%-70%). Most of the body water is inside our cells. The total body water is kept in three major locations: intracellular fluid (two thirds of […]

Body Composition Values – Muscle Mass -2

 July 18, 2019 Our body mass consists of two main components: Fat Mass (FM) and Lean Body Mass (LBM). As mentioned in our previous article, the terms of “lean body mass” and “muscle mass” are frequently used interchangeably by the […]