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DigiME scanning the whole body in three dimensions in seconds, body fat ratio, daily calorie intake, basal metabolic ratio, ideal weight, lean body mass, posture disorders, movement it enables the analysis to be performed and all these data can be easily followed thanks to the graphical reporting tools.

DigiClinic makes detailed analysis about body limbs and points in your orthopedics, physical therapy center, clinic and health centers. It provides an analysis report integrated with artificial intelligence, allowing you to diagnose any problems that may arise or to start early treatment for your health problems.

40% of the world is suffering from chronic pain!

Chronic low back pain is one of the most common disorder in the world. Almost 85% of the world’s population suffered from chronic low back pain at least once in their life. Physiotherapy is used in the treatment of conditions such as musculoskeletal sprains, back pain, posture problems, reduced mobility, sports and workplace injuries.

What does DigiME offer you?

Patients go to physical therapists and physiotherapists, the patient’s medical history is taken, physical examination is performed, and a treatment program is created.After the treatment, because of the invisible effects in most disorders and the process depends on the patient, an output of process or result screen cannot be presented to the patient.With DigiME, you can record your patient before and after the treatment and report the changes as a result of the treatment and increase the satisfaction of your patients.

Moreover, DigiME helps you to analyze your body composition, silhouette and waist-to-hip ratio, and detect body asymmetry and deformities.

You can motivate your patients by emphasizing their body changes and by presenting development reports.


Use Case

A 4-day camp was organized with 5 child participants in order to detect and treat posture disorders of children. During the camp, special exercises were made for children. Body analysis measurements of children were done with DigiME before and after the camp.After 4 days of camping, changes in the children's body were presented to their families. As a result, 2 of the children who attended the camp were found to have posture disorders and were directed to the physiotherapist.

Know your Body!

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Plastic Surgeon

Nutrition Shops



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