Portable & Small

DIGI Health, portable 3D body scanner occupies a space on your backpack as much as a book.

High Accuracy

With DIGI Health system you get measurement results with an error margin of + – 1mm


DIGI Health certainly does not keep user data on core data or on any server.

AI Support

DIGI Health recognizes body limbs and points automatically with artificial intelligence.

How it works?

All you have to do is stand still for 40 seconds at the specified position. Meanwhile, the operator using Digime3D turns around you and creates a 3D model of your body with harmless infrared scanner.


Body Analysis

Digime3D creates a perfect 3D model of your body in 2 sec after scanning. Digime simultaneously calculates several data such as Body Fat Ratio, BMR / BMI, daily calorie intake, and allows you to clearly observe how many mm changes in your body.


DIGIME Features

What can you measure with Digime3D?

Body Fat Ratio

Visceral Fat

Lean Body Mass

Calorie Intake

Ideal Weight

Segmental Analysis


Body Measurements

Posture Analysis

As part of the Digime3D body scan, the Posture Analysis module provides an accurate assessment of your entire body posture. Unlike other  posture analysis methods, the Digime3D automatically determines the entire body limb and points with artificial intelligence support.



You can get to know our device and software more closely with the images below.

Dietitians, Weight Loss and Nutrition Centers

Body measurements and body fat percentage are one of the most important and fundamental data in determining the risk of obesity-related illnesses. The margin of error is very high when measured manually with conventional measuring instruments. Measurements with Digime3D have high sensitivity. In addition, DIGI Health allows you to visually observe even the smallest changes. With various reporting solutions, you can keep track of your patients and members closely. By sharing these reports with patients and members, you can help them keep their motivation at the highest level.


Sports, Fitness and Gym Salons

With DIGI Health body measurement system, you can track your members’ body measurements, their fat ratios with an incredibly high accuracy, and track their progress over time. You can use the Digime3D system to emphasize body changes, set goals and motivate your members. With the portable nature of the Digime3D system, you can easily organize outdoor ad organizations and increase your new member gains.

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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are the answers to common questions. Additions to this area will be made according to your questions.

Can I try or See a live demo of DIGI Health?
Please contact with us for a live demo.
How does DIGI Health work?
Easy. Simply stand motionless for 40 seconds while a harmless infrared sensor captures your body’s shape and composition. In 2 seconds, Digime3D accurately recreates your body in 3D, with the help of Digime3D, compare your 3D model and clearly see where you’ve lost inches throughout your body. The Depth sensor projects IR coded light onto your body to capture the depth of close to 15 million points every second. This point cloud is then converted into a very accurate body model. This enables you to track changes in your body down to the slightest detail.
Do I have to be naked to use DIGI Health?
No! However, for accurate health measurements, we advise you to wear tight-fit clothes (For example, compression clothing and sports bra) and be consistent with your scans over time to avoid altering our data.
Does DIGI Health FDA approved?
The FDA considers DIGI Health (and several other fitness tracking devices) as a “Low-Risk Device”, and does not regulate it for general wellness. A medical device undergoes extensive testing and evaluation because it is used to diagnose or treat a medical condition. DIGI Health is not used to diagnose or treat a medical condition, it is a fitness device. Tanı koymak veya tedavi etmek için kullanılan tıbbi cihazlar FDA tarafından kapsamlı bir test ve değerlendirmeden geçirilir.Bu doğrultuda DIGI Health, herhangi bir teşhis yada tedavi amaçlı kullanılmayan bir fitness cihazıdır.
How does DIGI Health measure my body composition? How can it be so precise in calculating body fat?
It uses volume and weight measurements. Volume measurements are comparable to water weighing, which calculates the overall body fat through predictive models. We use similar predictive models to calculate the body fat of specific parts of the body. There are several scientific research that correlates the precision of the model to DXA scans measurements. Read some papers on scientific research below! Clinical anthropometrics and body composition from 3D whole-body surface scans – NG B K, Hinton B J, Fran B, Kanaya A M,  Sheperd J A – European of Clinical Nutrition Predictive equations for central obesity via anthropometrics, stereovision imaging, and MRI in adults – Lee J J, Freeland-Graves J H, Pepper M R,  Yao M, and Xu B – The University of Texas, Austin Validation of a 3-dimensional photonic scanner for the measurement of body volumes, dimensions, and percentage body fat – Wang J, Gallagher D, Thornton J C, Yu W, Horlick M, and Pi-Sunyer F X – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Does DIGI Health work on both IOS & Android?
DIGI Health scan properties works on only iOS (iPad). Later on, we may release a android version that will work on mobile devices (tablet). We have a desktop version of DIGI Health called “DIGI Health Desktop” that can run on Windows operating system. You can take the advantage of all the features of system except “scan” on any computer. We will relase a requirements list in a short time.
Can Digime3D Technology be used for other applications?
Each day there is another idea popping into our heads or coming from other businesses interested in working with Digime3D. If you have any other cool ideas about what Digime3D can be used for, please contact us also please have a look at our digisize solution for apparel and online shopping industry
How does DIGI Health compare to other 3D solutions and BIA Devices like inbody and tanita?
We can break down the differences between Digime3D and other 3D scanners and fitness trackers into 3 basic categories. It’s different in its 3D Modellling, accuracy, and portability. 3D Modelling Unlike other fitness trackers, Digime3D provides an interactive 3D scan of your body. While others focus only the composition of your body, digime3D with its 3D modelling clearly shows your body not just numbers about you. Digime3D provides you with a scan that makes the whole experience more personalized, a scan that reflects exactly how other people see you. Accuracy Due to the law of physics, the accuracy of the depth sensing depends on the distance of the sensor from the body. Thanks to Digime3D’s mobile feature, the sensor can be maintained closer to the body allowing for greater accuracy. In contrast to Digime3D, most of the other full body scanners are rotating the user. Rotating someone creates more micromovements and further reduces accuracy. Furthermore, mobility of digime3D allows us to control which part of the body is being scanned, allowing to focus on certain areas of interest and capture them with greater accuracy. Portability Lastly, Digime3D is considered to be more portable than other conventional 3D scanners. Digime3D, portable 3D body scanner occupies a space on your backpack as much as a book.

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