The Digime3D, portable 3D body scanner occupies a space on your backpack as much as a book.

hıgh accuracy

With Digime3D system you get measurement results with an error margin of + – 1mm.


Digime3D certainly does not keep user data on core data or on any any server.

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Notable Clients and Partners

macbook-pro and ipad


“Digime3D IOS” software works on all versions of Ipad and runs fully integrated with the portable scanner. You can take whole body measurements automatically, analyze body fat and calories, and track these results easily with the help of graphical reporting tools. With “Digime3D Dekstop” software that can run on all operating systems, you can take advantage of all the features of the system on any computer.

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Digime3D technology

Sports, Fıtness and Gym Salons

With Digime3D body measurement system, you can track your members’ body measurements, their fat ratios with an incredibly high accuracy, and track their progress over time. You can use the Digime3D system to emphasize body changes, set goals and motivate your members. With the portable nature of the Digime3D system, you can easily organize outdoor ad organizations and increase your new member gains.


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Dietitians, Weight Loss and Nutrition Centers

Body measurements and body fat percentage are one of the most important and fundamental data in determining the risk of obesity-related illnesses. The margin of error is very high when measured manually with conventional measuring instruments. Measurements with Digime3D have high sensitivity. In addition, Digime3D allows you to visually observe even the smallest changes. With various reporting solutions, you can keep track of your patients and members closely. By sharing these reports with patients and members, you can help them keep their motivation at the highest level.

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