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ideal yağ oranı hesaplama

Ideal body fat mesasurment formullas are veri controversial on medical and excercise world. Although they are not %100 percent accurate, we can use them to find and average number. The table below is the most used formulla to find the ideal body fat measures in the world. Finding your ideal body fat measure, do not […]

3d vucut tarama teknolojisi

What Difference did 3D Body Scanning? Medical practitioners, diet experts and fitness trainers has to measure people they take care of in most usual ways. Medical world was a bit luckier than the others beacuse they met digital measurement technologies earlier. These technologies got wider and cheaper after the “digital revolution”. One of the most […]

sağlıklı hayat 3d tarama

Studies suggests that 3D body scanning systems such as Digime3D is a great way to gather accurate information about the state of your body. Professor John Shepard from UCLA says that this kind of devices are around for nearly twenty years and getting better and accurate each day. From academic and medical alternatives costs thousands […]

sağlıklı bir hayat için teknoloji

Technological deveplopments helps us to manage our time and effort. For example, we can easily achive cheap food produced thanks to technology. But on the other hand, reducement on the costs usually reduces the quality of the food we eat, as well. Technology oriented lifestyle brings sedentary lifestyle. The less we spend time, the more […]