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How to Get a Girth Measurement of Your Muscles?


Getin girth measurements of our muscles provides us some useful information to make our fitness our body building program better.


Knowing the measurement of our body muscles is quite important to get to know which muscle group reponses our excercise program better and which we fail to improve. As who make fitness or bodybuilding knows, every muscle group improves different by speed. Therefore we have treat each one of them different. One should not forget that a good diet and a well rest is as important as excercise.


One can simply measure their body girth by rounding a measurement tape. Rounding a string and taking the measure of it also a way to get the girth measurement information.


Do not forget that the main point to get the girth measure is the consistency.


Tape or string should lye the skin flat while taking the measurement. Holding them too thight or letting them loose will provide you wrong information. Make sure to hold the tape or string as thight as the last measurement to get the most accurate measures. Do not forget that this oldschool way will not provide the fact about your body muscle measures. Just concantrate on consistency.


Neck: Standing still and in the best proportion, measure the neck just over you Adam’s apple.


Shoulder: Standing still and in the best proportion, measure over the largest points of your shoulder all around you.


Chest: Standing still, measure with breath out just above the nipple.


Biceps: Measure at its largest girth, flexed with arm bent.


Waists: Standing, measure at the narrowest point or at the midway point between the top of the hip bone and the bottom of the rib cage.


Hips: Measure at the largest girth, where the butt is protruding the greatest.


Thigh: Standing, measure at the largest girth, just below the butt.


Calf: Standing, measure at its largest girth.


This all measurements will tell you where you are on you excercise process. Do not forget that this will only provide a mediocre information. It’s imposible to know how many of it is muscle and how many is fat. You can choose body scaning tools like Digime3D to gather accurate information about your muscle measures alongside with your body fat and other useful data to improve your excercise program.