Can I try or See a live demo of DigiME?

Please contact with us for a live demo.

How does DigiME work?

Easy. Simply stand motionless for 40 seconds while a harmless infrared sensor captures your body’s shape and composition. In 2 seconds, DigiME accurately recreates your body in 3D, with the help of DigiME, compare your 3D model and clearly see where you’ve lost inches throughout your body. The Depth sensor projects IR coded light onto your body to capture the depth of close to 15 million points every second. This point cloud is then converted into a very accurate body model. This enables you to track changes in your body down to the slightest detail.

Do I have to be naked to use DigiME?

No! However, for accurate health measurements, we advise you to wear tight-fit clothes (For example, compression clothing and sports bra) and be consistent with your scans over time to avoid altering our data.

Does DigiME FDA approved?

The FDA considers DigiME (and similar other fitness tracking devices) as a “Low-Risk Device” and does not regulate it for general wellness. A medical device undergoes extensive testing and evaluation because it is used to diagnose or treat a medical condition. DigiME is not used to diagnose or treat a medical condition, it is a fitness device.

How does DigiME measure my body composition? How can it be so precise in calculating body fat?

It uses volume and weight measurements. Volume measurements are comparable to water weighing, which calculates the overall body fat through predictive models. We use similar predictive models to calculate the body fat of specific parts of the body. There are several scientific researches that correlates the precision of the model to DXA scans measurements. Read some papers on scientific research below!

  • Clinical anthropometrics and body composition from 3D whole-body surface scans
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Does DigiME work on both IOS & Android?

DigiME scan properties works on only iOS (iPad). Later on, we may release an android version that will work on mobile devices (tablet). We have a desktop version of DigiME called “DigiME Desktop” that can run on Windows operating system. You can take the advantage of all the features of system except “scan” on any computer. We will release a requirements list in a short time.

Can DigiME Technology be used for other applications?

Each day there is another idea popping into our heads or coming from other businesses interested in working with DigiME. If you have any other cool ideas about what DigiME can be used for, please contact us also please have a look at our digital size solution for apparel and online shopping industry.

How does DigiME compare to other 3D solutions and BIA Devices like “InBody and Tanita”?

We can divide the differences between DigiME and other 3D scanners and fitness trackers into 3 basic categories. These categories are 3D Modeling, accuracy and portability. In the 3D Modeling category, DigiME creates an interactive 3D model of your body, unlike other fitness trackers. While some (Tanita, Inody etc.) focus exclusively on your body composition, DigiME shows not only the numbers related to your body, but also visually the differences. Accuracy and depth sensing accuracy depend on the distance of the scanner from the body. Thanks to the mobile feature of DigiME, the scanner can be kept closer to the body or its angle changed for a more precise modeling. Unlike DigiME, most of all other body scanners hold the scanner steady and rotate the shot person on a platform. Turning or moving the person seriously affects the sensitivity of the shooting due to tremors. In addition, DigiME allows us to control which part of our body is to be scanned, thus allowing us to focus on specific interests and take measurements more precisely. As for the last category, DigiME offers ease transport compared to other traditional 3D scanners. DigiME takes up just one book in your bag.


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