DigiME scanning the whole body in three dimensions in seconds, body fat ratio, daily calorie intake, basal metabolic ratio, ideal weight, lean body mass, posture disorders, movement it enables the analysis to be performed and all these data can be easily followed thanks to the graphical reporting tools.

With DigiME body analysis module, you can get more efficiency and prevent injuries by following the body scans of athletes in sports centers.

One third of the population (29.9%) in the European Union countries do sports at least 2.5 hours in a week. It is emphasized that the percentages of people doing sports are increasing day by day, this rate will increase by 20% annually.

While the percentage of people going to the gym in the world is 30%, this percentage is increasing day by day. But continuity cannot be achieved in gyms. 70% of beginners quit sports. The reason for this is that it is not possible to follow the body changes and to have no report analysis of your body.

 What does DigiME offer you?

The reasons for people to quit sports are because they lost weight fast in the first weeks but then the development is slowing and there are no visible changes in the coming weeks. If you want to follow the changes with tape measure or scale, there is a 3-4 cm margin of error and it is difficult to follow the changes with the mirror due to eye perception.With DigiME, you can observe the slightest changes in your customers’ body and present an analysis report of their bodies.

Unlike existing body measurement systems, DigiME allows you to measure your body without touching.

You can easily see your progress by following your body analysis wherever you are, daily or weekly. You can use DigiME to highlight body changes, set goals and motivate your members.

 You can measure even the slightest changes with DigiME. You can also ensure the continuity of your customer thanks detailed and specified body analyze reports.



Use Case

The results of 2 analyzes made on the same person on two different dates are as follows:
Despite being 89 kg on both dates, there are significant changes in body size and composition due to the weight and cardio training performed during this period. There is growth in the chest and biceps, thinning around the waist and hips, as well as a reduction in body fat.Especially in sports and diet processes based on slimming, the metabolism and immune system prevent a person from losing weight for a certain period, generally people tend to quit the process because they think they cannot benefit in this process.On the contrary, as you can see in this period when the body structure has changed the most, DigiME can catch even minor differences.

Know your Body!

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Gym Centers


Plastic Surgeon

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