How to Measure Ideal Body Fat?

Ideal body fat mesasurment formullas are veri controversial on medical and excercise world. Although they are not %100 percent accurate, we can use them to find and average number.

The table below is the most used formulla to find the ideal body fat measures in the world. Finding your ideal body fat measure, do not forget that every body is unique and has different needs and treatments. Hormons, gender, even the place you grow up is effective on your body fat neeeds. For example, women need more fat than man in order to ovulate.

Table 1:

Measure Men Women
Essential %2-5 %10-13
Atlethic %6-13 %14-20
Fit %14-17 %21-24
Average %18-24 %25-31
Obese %25+ %32+

“Essential Fat” refers to to the minimum fat measure in order to live a pshycologically and phisically healthy life. As we mentioned before, this is still a controversial subject among many phisycians. No matter what, do not forget that your body needs a certain amount of fat to be healthy and functional. Having too much fat can lead to a lot of phisycal and aesthetic problems but having none fat also means being unhealthy.

Having a good diet or doing excercises alone is not the best option to live a healthy life. Knowing you body’s needs and having a balanced lifestyle is the key.

For example, your age is as important as your gender to determine your ideal body fat. Always take advices from your doctor and use alternative methods to get to know your body better.

Table 2:

The table below is a universial body fat measurment standard called Jackson & Pollock. This table, in contrary to one above, considers the age factor while measuring the ideal body fat.

Age Men Women
20 %8.5 %17.7
25 %10.5 %18.4
30 %12.7 %19.3
35 %13.7 %21.5
40 %15.3 %22.2
45 %16.4 %22.9
50 %18.9 %25.2
55 %20.9 %26.3

We need more fat to maintain a resistant body as we get older. Tendency to gain wheight as getting older is also related to this issue.

Another matter about body fat is that dispersion of this fat. The fat under the skin and the fat around the internal organs, for example, is two different things.

Methods like Digime3D body scan can give you an exact idea about the needs of your body and precise body fat measures. You can rely on this kind of body scan tools to get to know your body.