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DigiME scanning the whole body in three dimensions in seconds, body fat ratio, daily calorie intake, basal metabolic ratio, ideal weight, lean body mass, posture disorders, movement it enables the analysis to be performed and all these data can be easily followed thanks to the graphical reporting tools.

DigiME body analysis, it tracks personal body datasuch as body fat ratio, daily calorie requirement, basal metabolic rate, ideal weight, muscle ratio, and provides artificial intelligence-supported reporting.

 What does DigiME offer you?

BIA devices only look at data in a person’s slimming process. With DigiME, you can look at body fat ratio, visceral fat, lean body mass, calorie intake, ideal weight, segmental analysis, BMR & BMI body measurements, so you can follow both slimming process and body development.

Body measurements and body fat percentage are one of the most important and fundamental data in determining the risk of obesity-related illnesses. The margin of error is very high when measured manually with conventional measuring instruments. Measurements with DigiME have high sensitivity. In addition, DigiME allows you to visually observe even the smallest changes. With various reporting solutions, you can keep track of your patients and members closely. By sharing these reports with patients and members, you can help them keep their motivation at the highest level.


Use Case

Turkey Classical physics champion athletes , followed his body development with DigiME while he was preparing for competitions during the camp period. He followed the length measurements such as neck, chest, waist, hips, r. biceps, waist / hip, l.biceps with advanced reports of DigiME. Taking into account the results of the body analysis, it was possible to observe even the smallest millimetric changes.

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