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DigiME scanning the whole body in three dimensions in seconds, body fat ratio, daily calorie intake, basal metabolic ratio, ideal weight, lean body mass, posture disorders, movement it enables the analysis to be performed and all these data can be easily followed thanks to the graphical reporting tools.

With regular body analysis, you can get more efficiency and prevent injuries by following the body scans of athletes in sports centers.

 What does DigiME offer you?

 With the DigiME body measurement system, you can calculate your members body measurements, fat rates with an incredibly high precision and follow their progress over time. You can use DigiME to highlight body changes, set goals and motivate your members.Thanks to the portable feature of DigiME, you can easily organize outdoor advertising organizations and increase new member acquisitions.

You can measure even the slightest changes with the measurements you make with DigiME. With the possibility of regular reporting, you can increase the efficiency of athletes and prevent possible injuries.


Use Case

During the camp term, DigiMEwas used on Altay Sports players for their body and posture analysis. The analysis made in the observations of the Coach and Sportive Director checked whether there were any postural disorders in the shoulder, waist, hip and knee joints of the players. The coach's plan was to maximize the physical capacity of the team, the coach stated that they will bring the players to the best level and increase their efficiency much more consciously with continuous special training and continuity of sensitive physical measurements made with DigiME.Altay Athletic Performance Coach, on the other hand, said that they will continue their individual training with the programs prepared after analysis and measurements with DigiME to minimize injuries and which will minimize personal deficiencies. He emphasized that the slightest deviations in the joint angles of footballers are determined thanks to the reports and outputs presented by DigiME's analyzes. For example, according to the report outputs, symmetrical deviations are observed at certain points in the athletes' head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and feet. The coach said that their aim is to help the athletes experience less disability throughout the season and even their professional careers and to increase the efficiency of their athletes according to the training programs determined through regular sensitive analyzes by using DigiME.

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