What Difference did 3D Body Scanning?

What Difference did 3D Body Scanning?

Medical practitioners, diet experts and fitness trainers has to measure people they take care of in most usual ways. Medical world was a bit luckier than the others beacuse they met digital measurement technologies earlier. These technologies got wider and cheaper after the “digital revolution”. One of the most importand of which is 3D body scanning systems. Even though they first invented for the textile industry, their field of use spread in a short period and now theye are cheaper and more compact.

3D scaning tools uses radio waves or harmless infrared light to visualise your body data. Thanks to mobile technology, they can analyse and visualise our raw body data using our tablets. Basically, all they do is turning our body to clouds of dots and uniting these dots quite accurately to make a map of our body.

These tools got wider because of their use in diagnosing the diseases. It can project human body map to a screen in seconds with nearly a hundred type of measurement. These measurements can be used by experts to get more types of measurements. For example, epidemiology, which deals with epidemic diseases, often uses body measurements for diagnosis and treatment. Because of it’s easiness of use, they can compare a lot of human body maps which is quite importand on the field of epidemic diseases. It’s capability to detect even the small deformations of one’s body, giving primary data about disease, analyzing skin data quickly (especially on burn treatments) are just some of the contributions they have made to medical practice.

A lot of people still use wheighers and mirrors to take measurement of their body parts. Arguably, they often wonder about their look than any other thing. They are not wrong. Being a person means loving yourself phisycally and feeling strong in many ways. They want to know their muscles grow and fat are gone because of that. But using analog measurement gives deficient information of one’s body and it leads to damage very often. Skin burnts, injuries nad diseases caused by eating are just a few of them. Because even though our bodies are a lot like eachother in many ways, we are very unique in particular and our bodies needs different treatments.

But 3D body scanning can provide you quite accurate information of your body in seconds including body symmetry, fat and muscle balance, posture, belly and shoulder measurements. You can make more scans to compare them and watch your progress.

For example, obesity treatment have to be done 360 degrees and needs careful watch on progress. Main intention on obesity treatment is loosing few wheight over a long period to prevent lack of food to remove risks. The goal is to loose fat, not the muscles. Diet and excercise experts can easly convert data they have taken from tools like Digime 3D to 360 degrees obesity treatment strategy. This will remove the risk of loosing muscle instead of fat.

Do not forget that being skinny does not necesseraly means being beatiful and healthy. Our body is a machine of balance and this balance applies to our wheight, too. A way of measuring this balance is Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index is dividing your wheight to the square of your height to know if your healthy or overweight. But it is not always true. For example, body builders often looks like they are overweight by that measure. 3D body scanning will provide you most accurate measure of your muscles and fat.

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