Analyze, track and enhance your body with the power of technology

High Accuracy

With DigiME system you get measurement results with an error margin of + – 1mm

AI Support

DigiME recognizes body limbs and points automatically with artificial intelligence.



Download Now:

*only for clients



Download Now:

*only for clients
Know your Body !

How DigiME Works?

Stand still for a while. Meanwhile, the operator using DigiME turns around you and creates an exact 3D model of your body

Body Composition Analysis

DigiME creates a perfect 3D model of your body in 2 sec after scanning.

What can you
measure with DigiME?

The percentage of body fat you have at your weight

Type of body fat that's stored within the abdominal cavity.

The mass of all organs except body fat, including muscles, bones ...

Daily amount of energy consumed via food and beverage

Optimal weight for your skeleton system

Segmental analysis of body composition

Basal Metabolic Rate & Body Mass Index

All anthropometric measurements.

Body Posture Analysis

DigiME creates a perfect 3D model of your body in 2 sec after scanning.

Know Your Body!

Advance Posture Analysis

Professional Solutions with advance and unique tools of DigiME

Detect Tilt & Rotation

All measurements and Angles

Customizable Reports

Unique measurement tools

Integrated with all scanners

Windows, Mac & Linux

Easy to Use

Well documented

Designed & Developed for your needs

DigiME Products

Gyms, Pilates Studios, Personal Trainers

Physiotherapists and physio clinics

Clothing e-shops, brands, retailers

Sport Clubs, Athletes, Pilates Studios

Schools, For age 5-16

Dietitians, Nutrition centers

Know your Body!

Usage Areas

Gym Centers


Plastic Surgeon

Nutrition Shops



Pilates Studios

Sport Clubs


Our Customers

Know your Body!

What did professionals
say about DigiME?

I was really surprised when I saw this amazing technology and how easy and effective it was used with personal training programs. Staff find it very easy to use and take advantage of the surprising effect of being able to say to a customer "I will show you every centimeter change of your body during our program"

Exercise Physiologist & Performance Coach EA Recovery LAB, Hillside Etiler
Emin Arslan, Ph.D

I suggest DigiME which is based on scientific formulations and calculations, anyone who takes care of their health. DigiME yields more accurate, repeatable and reliable results than the BIA devices.

BAYER IT Innovation Consultant
Gökay Kılıç
Know your Body!

DigiME Screenshots

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